HIIT Experience.

Yesterday evening I went to my first ever HIIT class. For those that don't know what HIIT is, it's a high intensity interval training class.
I saw an advertisement on Facebook about it so I figured it would help me get out of the house once a week for an hour to help me loose a few more pounds and it only costs £20 for five lessons.

When Robert dropped me off at the dojo where it was being held in town I walked in and got greeted by the instructor, she seemed pleasant enough (very thin!), I paid her the money and then went and found a mat (at the back of the class, no way was I jiggling my whatsits all over the place at the front!), the instructor then told everyone to grab some weights from the side of the room as we would need them during our class.
As I grabbed my weights I looked around at every woman in the class. They were all pretty thin, one lady was bragging about how she had just run 12 miles that day, I stood there thinking to myself 'fuck you', in the nicest way possible I should add.
Then an elderly lady walked in, looked about 70, she came to the back of the class and took the space next to me, I didn't say a word to her, I just thought 'you're going to put me to shame aren't you?'

The instructor put the music on and off we went doing our thing, I honestly couldn't tell you half the stuff we did, I have no idea what some of the things were called, all I know is, is that by ten minuets in I just wanted to curl up into a tiny ball and sob into a basket of muffins, but I kept going!
I will admit by the time we were about five minuets away from finishing my legs crumpled infront of me, I honestly couldn't push myself to do anymore, it was like my thighs were saying 'what the hell have you just done to us?!'

When we finally finished the instructor said I had done really well, I think I did pretty well for my first session and I was really glad I went.
I was too scared to stop moving when the session had finished, I made it for the front door and stumbled through it outside, I didn't put my hoodie back on because I was boiling.
When I had just gotten into the middle of town, the lady who had bragged about running 12 miles ran straight past me, I thought 'fuck you' all over again.
I even started jogging a bit home too (not all the way HA!) but it didn't even fell like I was running, it felt like I was floating.

When I eventually got home I collapsed on the sofa, Robert then made fun of me (in the nicest way possible) until I went to bed.

I look forward to my second class, Sadie and her friend should be joining me next time.

Today being the day after I can honestly say I really feel what I did last night in my legs, I'm knackered. I so wish we had a bath here and some nice Radox so I could relax my muscles.