Back To The Butterflies.

I've been a bit quiet the past couple of days, I don't want to go into things but I've felt let down, betrayed and just a little lost.
Robert broke a promise to me and it's hit me really hard, I've been trying to shake it off but it's been hard and now my trust in him has just plummeted really, I don't honestly know how long it's going to take to build it back up but I hope it's not going to take forever.

Anyway, it's been a quiet week really, not really done a heck of a lot.
Monday Eppy said the word sausages, she's been coming out with quite a lot of new words this week, repeating things, copying etc, she's a clever little girl.

Tuesday we went to gymnastics, we bumped into the lady who did our babywearing photos there this week which was nice, Edward made a pal there called Dexter and Eppy got hit in the face by some grumpy girl.
After gymnastics I went and did a bit of shopping at ASDA, I bought some new jeans that fit properly and some vest tops.
Well, it was the evening when I found out what Robert had done, it's not even that bad of a promise to make and break, but the fact he broke a promise to me for the first time in two years is just what has blown me away, eugh.

Wednesday, I took Eppy to the doctors to get her referred to have her lip tie snipped. A few people have mentioned they notice a slight lisp coming from her and I've occasionally noticed it too, so I think we need to get her lip tie snipped as soon as we can really so it doesn't effect her as she starts talking more and more.
I made Robert sleep on the sofa again for a second night, we didn't talk, he was really upset and stuff about hurting me, but he had no right to cry, I should have been the one to cry, but I couldn't make any tears come out, I think it was still shock and anger that was stopping any tears coming out.

Thursday I got a phone call from the doctors asking me to make Edward an appointment to take him to see the pediatrician, I have no idea why, they never said why and didn't know either, so I guess we will find out on the 19th, I imagine it's going to be a completely waste of time.
I went to put on Tangled on Netflix but they have taken it off, so we watched the new Postman Pat movie, which was pretty lame to be honest.
Robert and I spoke through hangouts, when he came home we didn't really talk about the problem when he came home from work. We just got on like nothing had happened, although there was an atmosphere around us, I let him cuddle me and sleep upstairs.
We also booked Edward tickets to go see two of his favourite Cbeebies stars at a theatre in Norwich, he's going to go mental when he sees them, I am so excited to see his face!

Today, well Edward and I got up early and we did some proper home schooling work, we worked on his handwriting and then he did his Smart Tray for almost two hours. We then got Eppy up around 10:15am (she's so lazy!) and went to the park next to the doctors, Edward got super upset when we had to leave but I was getting cold and wanted to pick up my package from the Boots pharmacy (it was Eppy's new bus sleepsuit I ordered her.)
Edward then helped me make lunch for himself and Eppy (mini hot dogs on toast) and now we are all just chilling out.
There's still an atmosphere surrounding Robert and I, I have no idea how long it's going to last, I don't feel comfortable anymore, I just want to hide in the bedroom for a few days and hope it all blows over, but that means running away from the problem.
The only thing that is getting me through this is the fact I love him, if I didn't, I would be long gone.
I'd be lost without him.
We'll get through it.