Wedding and Yogurts

Wow, we are so close to Christmas I'm actually starting to get a bit excited!
Got a lot going on for the lead up till then, I was going to write a list then but I've completely forgotten what most of the stuff we have to do is now, total mind blank.
Today is going to be rather hectic too, this also has to happen all on a bit of an icky feeling tummy of course.

So two nights ago Robert and I were having a bit of a joke, he knows I want some sort of romantic gesture as a Christmas present, it doesn't have to be expensive, doesn't even have to buy anything, I just want him to surprise me, I'm not expecting him to propose (I don't want a proposal over Christmas as I think it's cheesey) but I did mock him and cough whilst stretching out my hand with my wedding finger flexing, but then he says 'maybe next year', which almost made me burst into tears because he's, well, he's not against marriage but he doesn't see the point to it so I thought I would probably have to wait ages for him to even propose, so the idea that he might propose next year got me all excited, but I have always known not to keep my hopes up with these things (I've been engaged twice and look where that got me), but I have made a pinterest board, you know, just incase.
I doubt we would actually get married for a while, even though we wouldn't have a lot of people at the wedding (under 100) I'd still want it to be a nice shin dig and unique, so it probably will be a bit pricey because of that, but I wouldn't mind getting engaged and it lasting a little while.

Yesterday Skydi and the kids came over for a visit, I wasn't expecting her to come over till Friday as I'm sure she mentioned she was going to then, but it was nice to see her and the kids anyway.
I had no idea what time she was coming over at first, I didn't wake up till gone 9:30am (first proper lay in for about two years, no idea how it happened) so I had to rush around cleaning up a bit and getting dressed.
Rowan was a bit scared of Sky so had to keep her in the kitchen and outside, we had a nice lunch (I just threw loads of stuff on the table and let everyone help themselves), then we went for a walk through town and we showed Skydi the river.
The kids were tired by the end of the day, Edward didn't have dinner as he was too tired, I ended up ordering take out as I didn't have the energy to cook either.

I finally managed to see our deer Rose and Rebellion sling, there was no need to keep it now I have my MGG and Robert still has his R&R, I did want £60 for it but I let it go for £50, the guy wanted it for his fiancee' for Christmas and I was feeling festive.

Today I have a fair bit to do as I mentioned, need to dye my hair, post my sling, sort out the kids toys and decide which ones are going to the charity shop, post a card and get some laundry done. Hopefully I'll get all I need to do done today, should do.