The Muffets

Sooo last night was a bit shit. Literally.
I spent a lot of last night on the loo, pretty sure I have a bug and a UTI, was a bit of a pain because when I finally managed to get off the loo I went upstairs and found both Eppy and Robert soundo in bed.
I thought I'd try and sleep downstairs as I knew I would be up and down a lot, but it got to 12am and I got through two episodes of Orange Is The New Black and was just too cold to sleep downstairs, I didn't have a blanket as our fluffy throw is in the wash, so I had to go back upstairs to sleep.
I was tossing and turning a lot last night so I really didn't get much sleep.
This morning I feel pretty rough, I'm tired, tummy hurts and I just feel so blughhh.
Eppy also has the shits tomorrow so I presume she's got the same bug as I.

I've done a fair bit this week, Tuesday I met up with Skydi and we went to gymnastics, I find it so adorable watching Edward and Rowan play together like they do, they were laughing their heads off, it's so wonderful to see two friends together like that so young, I really do hope they stay friends forever, it would break my heart to see them fall out over anything.
I then went to the post office and posted loads of Christmas cards and my Perfect Strangers parcel.
Tuesday evening I went and had my hair done, it took almost three hours, there was three tubs of bleach used on my hair and two lots of red dye used too.
I'm really happy with the length and colour of my hair, although I will be buying some Directions hair stuff Saturday and hopefully making it a bit brighter. The lady was also kind enough to drive me home too, her car was really nice! No idea what it was, but it was lush!

Wednesday we got up early and went to Norwich for the 'Young Ones' home ed group at the church, there was only really Vicky and her daughter there, I don't know what happened to everyone else but we had a nice couple of hours of chat whilst the kids played and we had some nice food that we bought from the church people.
Before going home we got off at an earlier bus stop and bought some jacket potatoes for dinner and then popped the bakery and bought some premade rolls (I had egg the kids had cheese) for lunch.

After lunch I decided that we weren't going to have the Moomins on again for like the millionth time, I wanted to watch a Christmas film so I put on The Muppets Christmas Carol, Edward objected a few times but then enjoyed it and then said 'the muffets', I was like 'eh?' and then he was like 'christmas' and I said 'ohh the muppets', I figured he wanted to watch it again so I put it on again.

Now it's Thursday and we've already watched it for the 3rd time.

I don't think I'm going to do much today, I'm too tired, so I'll probably finish season 2 of Orange, sort lunch, get Eppy down for a nap and read Edward some books, maybe a bit of laundry if I'm feeling brave.