The Broccoli of Distraction

Had to laugh Friday, I put some red highlight hair dye on my head to get my hair a brighter red, I came out of the bathroom to check on the children and Edward got a little stressed and said 'mummy! are you okay? are you sore?' I think he thought my head was bleeding bahaha, I reassured him I was fine! It was only hair dye! He seemed okay with that.
When I washed and dried my hair my hair seemed brighter which was good, it looks nice so I'm happy with it, I'm going to aim to redo it at least every two months, just to make sure I keep it looking fresh, I was and straighten my hair a lot so the colour fades quick.

Robert has now started his two week holiday, I love it when he is on holiday but I hate it too, because when he goes back to work again Eppy gets super upset daddy isn't home, she goes wandering around the house trying to find him and it breaks my heart, she gets really emotional when he's not here full time as she gets used to it -_-'
I'm looking forward to when he works from home more often, though he'll be upstairs a lot, but he'll come down whenever so it's not too bad.

Yesterday was a bit busy, in the morning we took the bus I had made for Skydi's children round to hers, the look on Rowans face and his little dance when he saw it, made my day! So happy him and Reid love it, ahh beautiful!
Then we popped to mums, her door is knackered and she couldn't shut it properly, so Robert had a look, he couldn't fix it there and then so him and his dad had to go back later in the afternoon to fix it.
We then did our Aldi shop, I didn't make a meal plan for next week because we won't be eating at home much due to Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day meals being at the inlaws.
But I decided on a few simple dishes when we got to Aldi like, spaghetti, hunters chicken, fajitas, burritos etc, just easy stuff I can chuck together.

When we got home we had a quick lunch and then Robert drove Edward and I to the theatre to see a the panto Robinson Crusoe. The last time I took Edward to the theater he was about 9 months old, he loved it but I knew his response then would be different to now as he's older and is more aware of what was going to be going on.
The performance was really good, Edward and I enjoyed ourselves and he was really well behaved, I couldn't fault him really, he got a bit restless which I expected but he did well to sit there for an hour to watch the whole show, I bought us ice cream during the break which he deserved.
Afterwards I got the cast to have a photo with Edward, he wanted to meet the pirate so of course I made it happen ;)

As we were walking home I phoned Robert to find out where he was, he was still at mums with his dad so Edward and I walked back to ours, I picked up his sling and wore him as I walked to grandmas so we could chill out there for a bit.

Today is chore day, there's a lot of cleaning I'd like to get done before the hectic next week starts, I also want the place clean and clear so I can transition new presents here swiftly with no problems or lacking for space.
I have book reviews to do too which I need to get done before Christmas.