Party, Painting & The Goo Goo

I have so missed using my laptop! And blogging, I know I could use my phone to do this but I prefer using my laptop as it's easier to type on, because as you know, I can type for England.

So where to begin?!

I let Eppy at some paints for the first time, I'm not a huge fan of mess, but I figured I'd let the kids do some crafts as it was a rainy day and I fancied some new art work on the fridge.
Eppy really enjoyed herself, kept trying to eat the paint and made lots of mess (obviously), she had to have a bath in the end because she was a right state.
Edward enjoyed painting too, he did some hand prints and mixed lots of colours.

Robert bought me a new dressing gown and some slippers, although admittedly I haven't worn my dressing gown much because it's just too warm haha, my slippers are nice, they are the boot kind.

Edward got invited to his friend Aiden's birthday party at Pirate Petes so we went to that, it was a good party really, Edward finally realised he could go down the big slide by himself, the people who work at Pirate Petes had polished the slide so it was super fast! I went down it a couple of times, it was a bit crazy. The kids had some food at the party which was nice and they got some party bags.
Even now a week later they are still playing with the pirate masks they got in them, Eppy was scared of them at first but now she's used to them.

Eppy's new Madame Goo Goo carrier got delivered here for some reason instead of mums, so we erm, tried it on, and have used it several times, though I do think today mum is going to take it to wrap up, which makes me sad as it's so beautiful I want to use it all the timeeee! But I suppose Christmas isn't too far away now >_>
I love the hood on it as it's a pixie hood and it stays up! And I can pull it up too, so I can actually reach it, unlike the one on our R&R.
I will probably sell our deer R&R after Christmas but we will probably keep the skulls one, I don't think I could bare to part with it.

Robert has told me he's probably going to be away for work for a week at the start of March as Crufts want NewGenn there next year, I got quite emotional when he told me, I still feel a bit sad about it now, a week without him? Does he realize what a state the house will be in by the time he gets back? And my mental state? He'll find me rocking backwards and forwards in the corner of the house with the kids eating mud out of the garden looking savage, okay, maybe I'm over exaggerating but still! Hopefully he will call every evening and bring us all back something nice, I feel more sorry for Eppy though, a week without daddy? She's going to go mental.

Last Wednesday I held my own home education group at the library, one family came, the mother had two boys, they were both older than Edward but they were very friendly, I think the group went well, I had to carry everything in my suitcase, it wasn't too bad just a bit annoying, had to get Edward to hold onto the suitcase as I couldn't hold his hand. I am looking forward to next months session, hopefully more families will make it next time.

Eppy has been teething the past week quite bad, we think some back teeth are coming through, plus she's developed a little attitude, well, not so much attitude, more Independence and wanting to do everything herself, she now points at stuff properly and screams for it, she shakes her head if she doesn't want something and stuff, it's quite funny how it's just sort of happened!

I've almost finished the Christmas shopping, almost everything is wrapped and their Christmas Eve box is almost done too.

Their Christmas Eve box contains;

X2 Matching dressing gowns,
X2 Matching pjs
Popcorn buckets,
Mini marshmallows,
Book (nightmare before Christmas),
DVD (Elf),
X2 Cuddly reindeer,
X3 Chocolate bars,
And a few bits for Robert too.

I haven't decided if I will be giving the box during the day or in the evening with the rest of the family around, might be a during the day thing.

I have all the ingredients to make the two giant chocolate cakes with this year for Whitney and my mother, they tend to expect them each year now.

Last Sunday we went to Robert's parents because his grandad and his grandads girlfriend were down for the day (we only see them once a year), Margaret and Paul had bought lots of fancy foods for their visit as they are quite err 'posh' they have a house in Spain and stuff.
Anyway, when they arrived the girlfriend commented in Edward wearing nail varnish, saying it was a girls thing, I said we don't do stereotypical genders in our house (I had painted my nails that morning and Edward wanted the same, I didn't see any reason why not).
Then when we were sat at the table waiting for dessert Edward was getting up at the table back in his seat, the girlfriend tried to help him and sat him down, but accidentally hurt him, Edward knew she had hurt him and said 'that's not nice, say sorry' but she wouldn't and just said 'that didn't hurt', I really wanted to blow off but I kept quiet, I did say 'but he thinks you did, he wants you to say sorry' but she still wouldn't, I kinda just wanted to leave then, but they weren't round long after dessert so it was alright.

I have sorted out lots of the kids old toys to try and make space for the new ones this Christmas, well, I've sorted out the ones at the inlaws, still need to go through the ones here but hoping to have that done by the end of the week.
I'm selling some stuff and donating some stuff to charity and putting some stuff on the freecycle facebook page.
I've managed to get rid of a lot of teddies recently, I don't know where they all come from, but I've kept the special ones and just got rid of the rest.

Yesterday morning I woke early whilst Robert was getting ready in the bathroom, he takes forever in there and I really needed a wee, so as revenge for Robert taking forever I had a wee in Edward's potty, I then told Robert to empty it, wasn't till the evening over dinner when I told him that it was my wee BAHAHAHAHA. His face. I should have recorded that!

I currently have a cold which isn't fun, I slept downstairs last night because I thought I was going to be sick, I wasn't luckily, the kids are supposed to be going to gymnastics today but I might avoid it and just go shopping and grab some lunch out with mum.

So yeah, that's the catch up =]