Let The Frumpkin Adventues Begin!

So! Happy first of December everyone!
Today was our first day of adventures with Frumpkin the elf, today was a rather spontaneous day really.
This morning I woke early and put dinner (stuffed peppers) in the slow cooker, recipe was simple (check out this weeks meal planner blog if you want to find out how to do it.)
When Edward woke I let him have breakfast and whilst he was having that I put the Christmas tree lights on (last night we put it up in the end) and then put Frumpkin under the tree with the first advent book (The Smelly Sprout), when he finished his breakfast he came into the living room and he was happy over the tree and got excited over the present, he sat down and opened his present with Frumpkin (check out the video here!), we then read his new story which he also enjoyed =]
Eppy then woke up, we got dressed and then I had a message from Skydi saying Rowan wanted to see Edward, so we hopped on three buses and went to see them for the day.
Was a bit manic round Skydi's as she was babysitting her baby sister too, so five kids in the house today!

Skydi had some bad news today (which I won't go into) and it was heartbreaking to watch her cry, I gave her a cuddle and wanted to cry with her as I was upset for her and her family, I did cry a little when mum came and picked me up with the kids to drive us home, I can't bare seeing any of my close friends upset like that, eugh, I think she's okay now though.

We took Frumpkin out with us today and I plan on bringing him along with all the places we go to this month until Christmas, so he had a ride on plenty of buses today =]

This evening I have someone dropping round a bike for Skydi this evening so I can take it to her to gymnastics tomorrow, I need to stuff nappies, do some washing and figure out what to put with our stuffed peppers and try and kill this headache.