A Pizza Hut A Pizza Hut

So yesterday was err, fun.
Mum came over, we decided not to go to gymnastics because I felt rotten and I didn't fancy ruining loads of kids Christmas's by infecting loads of kids.
Mum had brought round some Christmas presents for the kids so we can store them round the inlaws for the big day, I said Robert would pick up the rest Saturday, I managed to get what was in her car upstairs without the kids seeing luckily.
She had also brought round lots of Christmas cards for us by various people.
She had made Eppy a snood too, it's half a scarf and half a hat, it's pretty awesome.
She also mentioned how she had bought Edward and Eppy new leather jackets for Christmas, I am now excited to see them!

We decided we would pop to Toby's for lunch, but when we got there there was a sign on the door saying no food till 4:30pm, we figured there probably wasn't enough staff or something as it seemed pretty empty there.
We sat in the car and decided to go to pizza hut instead, I didn't really fancy pizza, I wasn't very hungry anyway as aunty flow was here for a week but I figured I better eat something.
When we got there Edward started scoffing his face and choked on something and ended up being sick in my hands, bit grose, he took a while to calm down but was fine eventually.
Eppy enjoyed her bit of pizza but ate more salad.
Edward and I then had fun with the ice cream machine and the sauces and sweets.

Once we had finished lunch we then drove into Yarmouth and went to Wilkinson, I wanted some little wooden toy vehicle that someone had mentioned were only £1 from there, but in the end we saw loads of wooden toys down the toy bit and ended up buying loads of stuff, like wooden pizza, bus, elephant puzzle etc. £50 later we regret going in there! So it's safe to say Christmas shopping is definitely done now!!

In the evening I spent most of my time watching The Vampire Diaries on catch up and wrapping up everything. I look forward to Robert dropping off the presents round the inlaws at the weekend and to us getting our bedroom back to normal.


This morning as it's only 9am I've not really done much yet, I've booked Derren Brown tickets for Robert and I like I mentioned in my previous blog and I've also paid Nyssa to take part in the end of year babywearing photoshoot for the 31st.
I need to go to town today to buy some more bread, take some stuff back to Boots and I have a lot of cleaning to do today too I suppose.