The Perfect Strangers Project

So thanks to a friend of mine on Facebook, I have found this wonderful new project online!
Basically you sign up to post a random parcel to whoever the website matches you up to, the person can be anywhere in the world (but if you want the same country you just select that option, I've opted around the world), you can include anything you want in the parcel and they should send you a parcel back.
I think this is a really cool idea, you get to connect with people, potentially experience maybe some of their cultures and learn something new.
The project is called The Perfect Strangers Project.
I should get my match tomorrow so I shall keep you posted, I'm looking forward to finding out who I get matched to and to making the parcel, especially so close to Christmas, because maybe that person won't have a lot of money, so I could put a little something special in there =]