Strong Views.

I know that some people don't agree with my latest blog, I've heard a lot of 'oh it's a privilege not a right' and blah blah blah, 'some people have disabilities but you can't see them and they don't have a blue badge' etc which I understand, but the parent and toddler spaces were made for parents and toddlers, to help them, disabled people with their badges should park either in their own special spaces or in a normal space, I don't overly care whether that makes me stuck up or whatever.
I do believe that people who are disabled who don't have a badge shouldn't park in the parent and toddler spaces (obviously unless they have children with them) if a family need to park there, or they should at least just say 'hey I have this, would you mind if I parked here?' I don't think many families would mind then.
People do judge people, whatever they say, they do. So if you 'look' like just an every day person and you park in a P&T space of course a family is going to get annoyed, they don't know you, they don't know that you struggle with walking or that you need some extra room to get out of the car, they just see this normal person taking up a space which they need to get their kids in and out of the car easier.
I know my post as annoyed a couple of people, am I sorry? No. I won't be sorry for having an opinion, I'm not the antichrist, I just like to rant.
I know P&T parking isn't a legal space, but what's the point in having one if anyone is going to park in it?
Would it be ok if us parents went and parked in the disabled spaces if someone went and parked in our space? No, it wouldn't, we get fined. I genuinely think P&T spaces should be made a legal right, that or make parking spaces in general bigger so we have more room and then everyone is happy.