Park In Your Own Spot

This is a blog for us parents who are sick of people who don't have children who park in the parent and toddler spaces in car parks.

I have recently seen a lot of elder people park in parent and toddler spaces at shops, I'm not quite sure why, do they think because they are elderly that gives them the right to do this? Mainly these elder people I have seen haven't even been disabled either, I know that they find it difficult to walk further because they are older but come on! Seriously? There are LOADS of parking spaces closer to shops that the parent and toddler spaces, where I usually shop the parent and toddler parking is usually at the side of the shop, not really close to the entrance sometimes, so I genuinely can't see any reason why these elderly people feel the need to park in them.
Some might say that the elderly people didn't see that they were P&T, my thought here would be if you honestly can't see the massive signs indicating that these are P&T spaces should they really be driving at all?
It's not just the elderly either, I've seen many people in their 40's or so parking in these spaces, they know they're not supposed to park there either because they always look so shifty, there's been times when we've sat there in the car with our children clearly in the back seat and watched these older people walk past our car, they know we're angry at them for parking where they are not supposed to but yet they continue to keep walking into the shop, no decency in them to say 'would you like us to move for you?' Sometimes I find it so difficult not to yell out of the window rude things to them.

I suppose as a family we are quite lucky we babywear when going into shops, we don't need to faff around with a buggy, getting it out of the boot etc, but we do need to open our doors wide to get the children out of their car seats, do you know how hard that is to do in a normal parking space when hardly anyone parks properly in their spaces in between their lines? It is so hard not to whack your car door on someone elses, I find I have to trap my fingers inbetween our door and someone elses just so we don't scratch their car.

I think most people, actually no, all the people who park in the P&T spaces without children are ignorant and lazy. I honestly do, they have no idea what trouble they cause us parents, they are not disabled because if they were they would park in the hundreds of disabled parking spaces, they have legs that are able to walk, be thankful you have legs! Just because you are old does not give you the right to be a complete arsehole and those of you who are younger and just park in the P&T spaces just to 'nip in' to the shop, you're arseholes too.

Do you know how dangerous it is to also leave the trolly along the boot of the car because you can't get the trolly down the side of the car to load up the boot? This is one of the main reasons I like the P&T spaces, because then the trolly is out of the way of crazy parking drivers, so it doesn't accidentally get knocked by a car. You are putting our children in danger, imagine if it was because of you our children ended up getting hit by a car? How would you feel then? Your bone idle laziness could stick my children into comas.

P&T spaces are needed so much every day by us parents, some parents can have up to 4 children in their cars, meaning they have fairly large cars and NEED that space, have you ever tried getting 4 children out of a car in a space as squished as a sandwich? It's really not something you want to try!

So people, I'm asking you in the nicest way I possibly can, PLEASE don't park in our spaces, if it was a genuine mistake please just get back into your car and move and let a family park there, if you parked there because you're elderly, again please move and if you have just parked there because you're an asshole, then, well, you're an asshole and I hope someone keys your car.

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