Noel Fielding and The Giant Penis

Last night Robert and I went to Ipswich to see Noel Fielding live!
It was truly an amazing gig, there wasn't much stand up, more of a live performance, it was madness in a cup of tea.
I won't give away details just incase there are any readers who are going, I don't want to spoil it because it was so insane I don't even know how I would be able to describe it!
I loved how it was so unique and how it had a few cock ups in it because it just made it even more funny.
I got creeped out a few times because I hate people in masks too.

Walking through Ipswich wasn't massively fun, just because it looked really creepy at night time, probably because Robert and I haven't really been there properly before, but we both agree we should check it out sometime for the day and do some shopping.

So yeah, last night was great, I would totally go again!