My Own Home Education Group!

I've finally done it! I've set up a home education group with our towns library =D
I will host one session a month, where the children will pick one story a month, we will sit down and read it and then make crafts to go along with the story.
I have to supply all the supplies and make sure we all tidy up at the end, but hopefully it will all go well!
I have mentioned on our facebook group that donations are welcome so I can put it towards craft supplies.
The library won't charge us for using the space either which is even greater!
I am hoping these sessions will attract a lot of families, I'm hoping to put some flyers out and about and put a poster up in the library too, I would put an advert in our local paper and advert booklet but it costs quite a lot, so I'm hoping social media will help, we've already had a retweet from our local poet Luke Wright helping to spread to word and wished me luck =]

I think I really need to get some ink for our printer now, I can't really put it off anymore!