Lidl's Got Wood

So yesterday was an interestingly long day.
I spent some time in the morning trying to get a load of nappies dry in the tumble dryer without ruining them, they were pretty soaked from their outing in the rain, I should have probably put them on a spin in the washing machine but I had already had stuff in there so it would have been a bit of a faff.
Mum then came over and drove us to gymnastics where I met up with Skydi.
There is a professional photographer in the session today taking photos of the children (with permission obviously) so we could potentionally buy them at the end.
Skydi gave me the nappies I had paid for the other day, she decided to sell two of her hard to find totsbots so of course I snapped them up, she even let me buy them for a lot less than they are worth, they are stained but it doesn't bother me, they'll just stay outside on the line till the stains have sunned out, I got the reindeer one, gingerbread man and shrooms =] they will be loved <3
After gymnastics mum and I went to ASDA as I needed to buy Eppy some new dribble bibs, they didn't have any in store though, but they did have lots of clothes I liked for Eppy though, so mum bought them and she got Edward a cool Cookie Monster top and some black skinny jeans, she let Edward have the Cookie Monster top early but the rest of the clothes are for Christmas, I don't mind though, it's only a month or so away.
We then drove to Lidl and saw Skydi again, Lidl have a lot of wooden toys for sale at the moment, mum had gone on Monday and bought quite a few, but there were some she wasn't sure whether to get or not so I thought we could go in and have a look, we ended up buying pretty much one of everything, spent almost £150 0_0, I also bought myself some thermal tights and Robert some jeans, I bought Edward a Mr. Tumble DVD as he doesn't have any yet and I bought Eppy a fleece hoodie which looked like it would be a nice warm jacket for her to wear whilst in the sling.
After Lidl we went to Morrisons, I wanted to check if they had any dribble bibs in there, they did but they were very pink which I don't like, so I ended up buying her two sets of two packs of pjs instead.

When I finally got home I could smell dinner had been cooked nicely in the slow cooker (pork belly), I was going to do pork curry yesterday but knew I would be rushing around when I got home so figured I'd just shove the pork in the slow cooker in the morning and let that do all the work, I put some beef stock in with it, onions and Worcester sauce.
I then boiled some potatoes and frozen veg and dished up in time for Robert to sit down and eat when he got home.

My period is late, I really hate being late, most months I'm usually on time or a bit early, I'm not pregnant, so my body is just being an arse at the moment, I'm sure I'll come on by Friday.

Today I need to walk to town, pick up a parcel, get some veg for the burritos tonight, try and get plenty of washing done (Robert keeps moaning about lack of socks) and tidy the kitchen.
Edward has already demanded the Moomins be on telly today and is now currently reading the Moomin books we have.

Here are my photos from the past couple of days.


(she just hit him in the nuts)