Kids and Piercings, Why?!

I can't stand seeing babies as young as 6 months old having their ears pierced.
Why? Just, why?
I am not against piercings at all, but what I am against is parents (usually the mother) forcing their tiny little darlings into body modification so damn early in their lives!
Children have their whole lives to decide what they want to do with their own bodies, whether it's piercings or tattoos or to just leave their bodies alone, so why do parents think it's acceptable to put holes into their bodies so young?
Those children are then put at a massive risk of infection if the parents don't clean the ears properly, the children could pull them out and make a mess of their ears and the whole piercing process at that age is downright painful.
Some would say 'oh the kid won't feel it after five seconds', how the hell do you know? It's not like a 6 month old baby is going to come out with 'oh mummy I feel wonderful now' are they? They could react to the gold or silver in the stud and you wouldn't even know at first because they can't really tell you.
I think if you're going to pierce your children at a young age I think you need to wait till they are at least old enough to decide for themselves, so they can help look after their ears and they know precisely what's happening and why they want them done.
I also think places like Claire's and any other place that does piercings should not do them on such young children, I do think there should be a law on the age when you can have piercings done, I don't think any body modification should be done before the age of 7 at least.
Some say it's like them having an injection, the point of injections is that children should have them, to prevent them from getting seriously sick, ear piercing is just for vanity reasons or in some places in the world it's part of their culture/religion (even then I still think it's wrong.)
Some would say it's better to have the piercing done now rather than when the kid is older so they won't feel or remember it. What a load of baloney. They won't feel a piercing any less when they are older, they don't just suddenly feel more pain! As for remembering it, I don't remember my ears being pierced when I was about 7, I remember being allergic to the gold and my earring going inside my ear though and being in hospital twice to have them removed. I had decided at around 7 I wanted mine done, mum was happy for me to have chosen them to be done then and took me to Great Yarmouth to have them done but I don't remember the physical pain of them.

I think babies and children to have them done so early look super tacky and if you look at the type of parent usually who force their children to have them done they look pretty tacky themselves too.
They are doing it for themselves, not their children.
Their children gain completely nothing from it apart from unnecessary pain.
You wouldn't let your 6 month old have a tattoo would you?
Again, I'm not against body modification, I just don't think it should be done on small children.

How is that pretty? It's completely disgusting, that poor little baby.
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  1. Not much I can say on this as I was the one who chose to get Olivia's done and she loves her earrings and her and I even shop for them. I do value your opinion though :) Thank you for posting on #wineandboobs


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