Imagine Giving A Dragon A Shower

I'll admit the past couple of days have not been that interesting.
Aunty Flow finally decided to turn up so I've been suffering with the usual PMS, tiredness, backachy symptoms whilst trying to run the house, to be fair I haven't gotten overly grumpy this time round which makes a change.
I think this week I'm going to go to the doctors and get the implant put it, I really hate taking the pill, I don't always take it on time if I'm out and stuff so I would rather the implant in so I don't have to remember anything apart from making an appointment in three years time to have it removed.
The downside to me getting the implant put in would be if the same happened this time as it did last time where I just bled for 6 months straight, that would put a complete downer on stuff and be a nightmare, but then the bleeding did eventually stop and I didn't have any periods for ages which was brilliant.
I'll try and decide by Wednesday what I want to do, I'm due a new lot of pills around late December I think so I'd rather have it done by then and save a bit of money forking out for pills every three months.

This weekend we didn't really do much, Saturday we popped round Skydi's for a bit before going shopping, made another play date with Skydi for Tuesday at gymnastics, we then left and went to ASDA to our big shop, it came to like £120 so we've decided to definitely go back to Aldi next week, though admittedly I did get a new bra and we bought a shower mat but those were fairly cheap anyway, but I guess it all adds up.
Sunday was a funny morning because the TV show on channel 4 Sunday Brunch showed my photo, earlier on in the week they asked for people to send in their photos of their unusual guests, so I sent mine in not thinking much of it, then they showed it yesterday, Katherine Jenkins liked my hair haha.
You can watch it here and see me at the start if you want ;)
We then went and dropped the kids round grandma and grandads so Robert and I could pop back to Lowestoft to mums to pick up two big presents she had bought the kids for Christmas, she needed them out of her house really as they took up a fair bit of space and they were too heavy for her to lift to get into her car to drop round.
We also went and checked out the new B&M in Beccles, I prefer it to the Lowestoft one but it may take some time getting used to it because it's fairly big and obviously we don't know where everything is in there, I imagine I will be in there a lot buying craft stuff for my home education group. We ended up buying a new shower head, changing mat, bedside lamp, wrapping paper and glitter glue.
We were going to have a cheeky McDonalds for lunch but it was very busy so we drove to Morrisons and bought a salad bar thing for lunch instead.
Then we drove back and chilled round the grandparents with the kids for most of the afternoon.

I finally came clean with Robert about how stressed I've been about the pressure I felt to make the jars for everyone for Christmas, we decided that we would just buy presents, so we went on Firebox and just bought stuff for everyone, so everyone is now done! Just got to wait for their stuff to arrive and wrap it, buy the cards and then we're done!

The kids currently have an obsession with dvds, about time really seen as though they have loads. The Moomins and How To Train Your Dragon are current favorites at the moment, the kids have two big dragons to play with too so they like to cuddle them whilst watching the film.

I've also decided thanks to the Imagination Tree to instead of giving chocolate each day for Advent, I will give the kids a Christmas story, I've ordered quite a few so I shall get them wrapped up and each day we will sit down in the evening or during the day and I'll read the story to them.
I'm still currently planning their Christmas Eve box.

Today I will be sorting out my Perfect Strangers parcel, that needs to be posted this week really, I had an email from the lady who has done mine saying she will hopefully get mine posted this week, so I must get it sorted today and posted tomorrow.
I have a lot of washing to still get through today too, blah, I'm getting there, Robert actually did some of his own washing this morning, I told him he could last night, didn't actually expect him to do it though.

I've still got two book reviews to do this week too.

I forgot to do a meal plan for this week but I'll do a blog with them later, won't be anything exciting though!