So this week so far has been fairly hectic.
Monday I got Edward into the doctors because Robert and I are concerned he is anemic, he ended up seeing a nurse who wasn't very helpful at all, not only was the wait to see her over half an hour long she didn't seem at all interested in him, she said we needed to see the health visitor but I said we don't use their services because they are a waste of time for us, so she went on and on and eventually said we have to go see the doctor, so I made him a doctor appointment (although when I phoned up for his first appointment I had asked for a doctor not a nurse in the first place.)
I did a fair bit of cleaning as I had a lot to catch up on from Robert being on holiday, I managed to finally sort most of the kitchen, though I still have some cupboards to sort out.
I also made some peanutbutter cookies with peanutbutter frosting. They were all eaten very quickly.

Tuesday Eppy's shoes from the Startrite website arrived, unfortunately they were too small for her, my first thought was to blame Brantano and I figured they must have measured Eppy's feet wrong, so I called mum up and asked her to come over early so we could go into town to Clarkes to get her feet remeasured and get her some new shoes that fit and so that I could send the ones that had arrived back.
When we got into Clarkes and finally got served after standing around for a good ten minuets of being ignored no 'oh I'll be with you in just a second' or anything, Eppy started screaming the roof down, she did not want to wear shoes, she didn't want to try any on or get her feet remeasured, eventually we got it all sorted, she had her 'first shoes photo' taken, she just looks terrified, I'll post a photo at the end of the blog, she ended up getting a cute purple pair, very soft and comfy, the magic of babywearing came in handy as she settled down almost instantly once back in her comfort of her sling.
We then went to Subway for lunch, I did eat a sandwich as I was really hungry, I had told mum that according the health professionals I have an eating disorder, but she thinks their mad too.
I then posted the shoes and popped into a couple of charity shops and M&S, got Eppy some trousers as they were on sale in M&S.
We then went to gymnastics and the kids had a charge around, I really hate spending £8 a session for them, I find it painful, but they both really enjoy it so I can hardly say no to them going.
We then popped to ASDA as I had to buy a couple of avocado's to make guacamole for the home education group we were going to attend Wednesday.
And then finally mum dropped the kids and I round Skydi's so we had a play date.
When I got home I quickly whipped up the guacamole, I've never made it before and kind of just winged it, I looked at a couple of recipes online but overall I just mashed the avocado's, whacked in some lemon juice, salt, pepper, cherry tomatoes and chilli powder, stuck it all in a container and then put it in the fridge.

Wednesday we all got up early so we could catch the 8:52am bus to Norwich, we had to pretty much run to the Arts Center as the home education session started at 10am, we managed to get there at around 10 past so not too bad, I'm glad I Google mapped the place first or I would have gotten lost, I have been there a few times to watch gigs and stuff but I couldn't remember how to get to the road.
We knew pretty much all the people there at the group already, it was good to see everyone, met a nice lady called Sarah too.
All the children had made really nice stuff to do with the Mayan's, as we only found out about the group a few days ago we didn't have time to put together anything fancy, hence the guacamole, I just googled what the Mayan people used to eat and that was something they ate.
Everyone tucked into the guacamole and really enjoyed it! I was so glad as I'd never made it before, it was all pretty much gone by the end of the session! Edward helped eat all the tortillas too.
Edward enjoyed the group I think, he made a mask and a bracelet, I think pretty much all the children were 7 or under.
After the group we ran to Tesco and grabbed a couple of sandwiches and then got the bus home.
Even made it home in time for a parcel to be delivered!

Today I had a tummy ache this morning so I didn't move off the sofa much until I had to, I wrote a blog which kind of went a bit mental on the sling board, some agreed with me and some disagreed, I wrote about parent and toddler parking spaces, see the blog further down and check it out, leave a comment if you like!

I also went to town today, I was sad to hear that my favourite lady from our green grocers won't be working there anymore after Saturday, she lives in Lowestoft and managed to find a job closer to home, so she saves on fuel, I'm hoping to bake her a little something and drop it round to her on her last day as I'll miss her, she was very polite and nice.
We popped into Moth Crafts today too, had a chat with the staff and bought Eppy a new bib.
Bought Edward a small cake from the bakery and some milk and then went and bought some more 'skittytape' (sellotape), hair spray, paper and glue.
I have made pizza in a croc pot today for dinner, it's currently bubbling away in the slow cooker, I've had to use cheap frozen mince for it as Sky ate the defrosting mince -_-'
I also made some cheese and bacon muffins, because you just have to right?
You can find the recipe for the pizza in a croc pot here.
And you can find the recipe for the cheese and bacon muffins here.

So yeah! That's what we have been up to this week so far! Check out the pictures below =]
Thanks for reading!