Fat Feet

I think Eppy must have fat feet.
We took her to Brantano today to get her feet measured for the first time, I don't think she overly enjoyed the experience but eventually we found she's a 3.5 with a G width.
They didn't have a very big selection of shoes in her size, didn't really like them as they were pink and frilly. We did see one pair of shoes we liked in a 4 but they went up to her knees.
We tried looking in Next too but their shoes were too narrow for her feet too.
So unfortunately we left without buying her any shoes. I'm not even sure DM's will fit her properly yet either =[
Edward's gone up half a size too, he's now a 7.5 G.

We then went and visited the inlaws and the kids played around for a bit.

I cooked a lasagne but it didn't turn out that great, I did eat some before anyone asks.

Tomorrow is Robert's last day of holiday, I think he'll be spending it doing DIY (of course, Sundays are for manly building work, obviously), he needs to put a shelf up, put the new heater up in the bathroom and maybe put together Eppy's scramble bug.

I am sad Robert will be going back to work next week, it's been nice we've all had time as a family together for a change, but I am slightly happy just because then I can get some book reviews done in quiet and get loads of cleaning done. But I am mostly sad he's going back to work =P

Here are some photos from the past couple of days;