Today hasn't been that productive, I have a list of everything going on this week, it's a busy one *sign*, tomorrow seems to be my only 'free' day and that's putting it lightly as I still have plenty to do tomorrow.
Anyway, Robert put the shelf up in the living room and finally got rid (I say got rid, I mean move to the garage) TV unit and put up our new heater in the bathroom and put together Eppy's scramble bug.
I err, did some laundry and wrapped presents AND made gift tags.

This evening Edward refused dinner again (it was a vegan dish, didn't expect him to eat it really) and then it was shower time.
From a little help from some people on the Slings board on facebook, we put a storage box in the bottom of the shower and filled it up with water, Edward sat it in and we didn't have one whinge or scream, it was great, he enjoyed it so yay!
I do hope Edward isn't always afraid of showers, I still have no idea why he's so scared of it, but hopefully eventually he will get used to it =/