Birthday Bash

Today was madness, so mad I didn't get a change to have a drink till gone 4pm.
By 10am we were out of the door, we drove to Lowestoft to go to Aldi, when we got to Aldi we couldn't park because there was bugger all space and yes, even some asshole had parked in the parent and child space and guess what? They had no fucking children.
So we drove to Tesco and managed to get a space easily.

We spent a lot longer in Tesco than I imagined we would, I think I have missed doing a food shop there because I kept looking at loads of stuff, they've even changed the clothes bit, it's actually a lot nicer, although I'm not used to where everything was as it's all changed.
We managed to do our food shop, although I did forget to buy beef, might just change that dish for next week, will have to just have sausages tomorrow instead of clean beef for dinner.

We then drove back home, unpacked the cold stuff and hopped back into the car to drive to Reid's birthday party round Skydi's mothers.
When we finally arrived (got lost looking for the parking space) and we found the house we knocked on the door several times but nobody answered, we then went round the back and knocked several times and shouted but nobody answered, so we just walked in and went upstairs to try and find everyone in the dance studio, it was quite noisy in there so no wonder nobody heard the door.

Everyone by the looks of it had a lovely time, the pumpkin cake Skydi made tasted amazing! Half tempted to ask her to make Edward's next birthdays cake! And all the little touches Skydi made for the party were lovely, like the banner and the pumpkins downstairs - one was full of toffee for apples to be dipped in and the other houmous. She also made little plant pots with brownie mix for soil and she put a pumpkin seed in the bottom so everyone can plant a pumpkin, early spring we shall plant it, I've put the seeds in a safe place till the time comes to plant them =]

This evening I have finally been converted to like pesto, I baked the Italian Chicken dish I mentioned in my meal planner and it was delightful! So I shall be cooking more pesto dishes in the future!