Interesting weekend this week but enjoyable all the same.

Yesterday Robert, the children and I went to Aldi to do our first ever big shop there, we're so tired of Tesco at the moment so like you may have read previously we wanted to have a go at Aldi this time!
I knew the shop would be quite big just because I needed to stock a lot of pantry stuff, but I knew it would still be cheaper with Aldi than Tesco.
Aldi is a nice shop, nice size, the only pitfalls to it is that you need to pop some Prozac before going in (it looks quite depressing) and there isn't as much variety as you would find at some other big super markets.
I actually quite enjoyed having a good look at everything and I look forward to trying most things (though admittedly I haven't eaten for four days, I ate tonight but we'll get to that in a moment), we got all sorts of stuff, we were amazing by some of the prices, we managed to get a whole gammon joint for £2.99! I'm still in shock about that to be honest.
Our total came to £95 something, I'll post a photo of the receipt at the bottom of this blog so you can see what we got, don't judge us with the chocolate, I wanted lots to keep for baking =P

After Aldi and Robert's mini heart attack at the price (in a good way and slightly bad because he hates spending money at the best of times) we went and popped by Skydi's to drop off a necklace for Rowan (or Reid, I'm not sure who is going to be wearing it!), the boys said hello to each other and then off we drove to Argos!
I needed to buy some electric scales from there, I don't think my manual ones work that great and the electric ones give more of a precise reading, I think I am obsessing over my diet and weight loss but it's really hard not to, I'm so desperate to lose this weight I'm sort of prepared to do anything and if that means standing on my scales every day then so be it, it's not the end of the world right?

Robert nipped into Morrisons to have a look at the new BrewDog labels, BrewDog is a beer for those who don't know already, he really loves the stuff and I think he has some shares in the company, I say think because I'm never sure what pies he's really got his fingers in lately.

We then all went into Lidl, Robert's never been in Lidl before so we figured we'd have a look, Lidl isn't as good as Aldi I don't think, there's a lot less in there and the shop is smaller, the thing I love most about Lidl is the bakery! Oh my fucking titty christ. The smell just hits you when you walk in, but I was good this visit and didn't have anything! Robert and the children got some apple turnovers (my favorite!) and a doughnut.
We didn't get much from Lidl, I did get some coloured paper and a loaf tin though, so I was happy!

Eventually we made it home, I put the nappies on the washing line and then a cloud appeared and down came the rain! I never really mind though if it rains and the nappies are on the line, I just see it as a free strip wash.
When the rain died down and Robert finished reading more of Game of Thrones (we're both reading the second part of the 3rd book at the same time) we walked to town.

We popped to the green grocers, I always get amazed by how much cheaper they are compared to big super markets (even Aldi & Lidl), we bought; 2 Red peppers, 2 courgettes, 2 bags of potatoes (one was free as it was buy one get one free), garlic, lemon & 2 massive red onions all those came to only £5!
I always suggest to people to buy their fruit and veg from their local green grocery shop, just because it truly is so much cheaper and we've got to know our shop keeper really well! It's always a pleasure to see her! Plus you always know that your fruit and veg is local because it always gets delivered around 8am from a few fields away.

We also popped into the pet shop to pick up Sky and the chinchillas some food, we get on well with the pet shop people too, I find because this town is so small it's easy to get to know everyone and I enjoy chatting to most staff anyway!

So yeah that was it really for Saturday, Robert and I spent a while in the evening watching Game of Thrones season 3 and stuffing nappies (and people say romance is dead!)

Today Robert and the children went to Robert's parents to have lunch, I stayed home with a bit of an icky tummy and did a fair bit of cleaning, I even cleaned the windowsill and dusted (I rarely can be bothered to that!)
When Robert came home he finally put the TV up on the wall and my mirror is finally up on the wall! I can now see how I actually look now! Robert has a tiny mirror in the bathroom which I can barely see in because it's so high up.
Edward did some running around in the garden and played on his swing for a little while.

I finally had some tea, I've been avoiding food for a few days because I wanted to lose some extra pounds, fasting is quick and fairly easy, but I had dinner this evening because Sadie dropped round some 'Slim Pasta', which is really yummy and only 42 calories for a whole packet! It's a bit pricey to buy but I think it's worth it, it's mega filling too!
If you fancy trying some you can click here.

I think this evening we will just be watching more Game of Thrones, nothing overly exciting. I have to bake some bread tomorrow and I think Edward can bake a coffee and walnut cake, I have some coffee that should be used up a bit really.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and I look forward to blogging late in the week.