Pretty Period

I know, I know, periods are one of the most dreaded times of the month for us women, but what would you say if I could help it be a bit more funky for you?
I hear chants of 'NO WAY!' coming across my screen.
Well tonight is your lucky night ;)

Have you heard of CSP? In other words, cloth sanitary protection.
A lot like cloth nappies, but you just put them in your panties.
Made from cloth just like nappies.
Funky designs just like nappies.
Super fucking comfy just like nappies!

Now now, just like you, I was a bit skeptical at first, I was a bit like 'eww', but seriously, I've been using them for a few months now and they are AMAZING. I honestly have NO idea why I did not look into or use them earlier!
I now don't dread my period so much, because I know I'm at least going to be comfortable! I used to get so hot and itchy when I used disposable pads, had to change them far more often than I do cloth, they used to smell pretty quickly after just an hour.
With cloth I don't have the smell, heat, itchyness anymore! It's no more extra washing for me because I just put them in the wash with Eppy's nappies, though even if we didn't use cloth nappies it would only be one extra wash a week, hardly anything really.
I get out any stains by just putting them in the sun light but I found out last month that the moonshine actually got the stains out better than the sun! One night outside and boom! Back to normal!

Here is my current CSP stash shot =D

I don't need many more than those, I want more though =P just like I always want to buy more nappies and more slings heh heh.

I have different types from different people, most are from WAHM (work at home mums), I will list at the bottom of this post where you can buy CSP from.

But my favourite pads are by LadyDays, she just does them so perfectly, they are a good size (most around 14 inches) and they are the most comfortable CSP I have tried so far, I am on the LadyDays group on Facebook, I'll post the link to that at the end of this post too.

I tend to prefer the larger sized pads because I bleed quite a bit and obviously I have a big bum, so they suit me better than the smaller ones, but I use the smaller ones towards the end of my period because I'm obviously pretty light then so there's less blood so they come more in handy then.

You need to try and wear the right pants when wearing CSP, the little short boxers aren't very good with CSP as they tend to slip more and shuffle around in your underwear, I find just usual granny pants work best for me, but again that also depends on your body type.

For those that don't use cloth nappies and are wondering how you wash your CSP, you presoak them in cold water, then wash on a 40, no fabric conditioner and then pop on the washing line to dry, you could put them in the tumble dryer on a pretty low heat but best to line dry.

I found this picture online the other day of what disposable pads contain, not even I knew how nasty they were really until I saw this picture;

It's actually really shocking, you're putting those on your moo moo!
So please! Just try CSP!
There are so many other nasties in disposables it's too upsetting to mention.

Here are the places I mentioned that you can buy some from, there are loads more but these are the ones I'm aware of =]

Lady Days Cloth Pads
Wee Notions

And if you're on Facebook you can buy some preloved from these two groups;

CSP Sales Group
The Bloody Waste

And if you end up loving the Lady Days pads as much as I do you can join the facebook group!

Lady Days Facebook GroupIf you're currently facing hardship or have an illness, you can join this facebook page and they will donate to you CSP, nappies, breast pads etc, so if you have time please check out their page and if you could donate anything that would also be very helpful!

A few quotes from some lovely women and their thoughts on CSP from one of the CSP groups:

' I love using CSP as it is much more comfortable and makes me confident unlike when I wear disposable pads. The change is immense.'

Skydi: '
I always say I wasted so much on "feels like cotton always" when the actual thing is available, and waaaayyyy better'

Zoe: '
It's like having a hug for your muff! So soft and lovely. Makes cycles exciting! The change is amazing compared to horrid disposable scratchy pads!'

'I love CSP, my periods are shorter and less painful then when I used disposables the change is huge.'

Alice: '
Using CSP for post partum was like having a local anesthetic cloud to sit on compared to disposable maternity pads.'

Dee: '
CSP is so much easier to use than i thought and makes me feel so much more comfortable at that time of the month. I would recommend it to any woman!'