I'm writing this to mainly remember what happened last night, some of it is a bit fuzzy!

Last night was pirate night at the Waterfront in Norwich a band called Alestorm were playing along with some other pirate bands, I'd never really listened to them before, I decided to go just for the socialness and drinks, it had been well over a year since my last proper night out, so I wanted a night where I could dress up all pretty and enjoy myself.

Whitney came over around 4:30pm, instantly started playing with my synthetic dreads haha, mum watched the children for us while we walked to town to catch our bus, whilst standing at the bus stop a guy on a bike who looked a bit alternative stared at me and gave me a wave and a wink haha, I was wearing my PVC dress so he was probably surprised to see someone else alternative in our tiny town.
Then some elderly women came up to me and said how much they loved my hair and style which really made me smile as I was a bit nervous walking through town dressed how I was incase I scared some elders hah.

Our bus arrived in Norwich fairly quickly and we eventually made our way to the Waterfront, we weren't too sure on the way but we saw some people dressed as pirates so figured we would follow them.
We met up with our friend Gaz in the que and his friends, we got introduced to a guy called Ben, Whitney got a bit over excited meeting him because he was mixed raced and she wasn't sure she would see any others at the gig.
Once in we headed straight to the bar, we drank and had a giggle, listened to the support act, at one point I lost Whitney and got scared she had been thrown into the mosh pit, I didn't really fancy going in to save her but Gaz and I eventually found her by the bar with Ben.
Midway through the night I was on my 7th drink I think, I turned around and saw Whitney and Ben making out, did this surprise me? No not really, they had hit it off rather well.

I then bumped into someone I sort of knew online but had not met before called Harry, he turned out to be a nice guy, very sweet.
Had one guy come up to me and ask if anyone of us had a spare belt, which we didn't, but we had a selfie anyway.
Someone grabbed my bum, I can't remember who, I also had a lot of compliments on my outfit and hair, everyone there seemed to love the steampunk look ;)
Eventually Whitney came up for air from Ben and we went to the toilets and bumped into a pirate who let us pose for a picture with her, she was lovely.
We had some shots, some sweets (I wanted pringles but they were all sold out), more drinks, Whitney and Ben then started making out again so I went and danced by myself near the stage, bumped into a friend called Bruce and danced a bit with him.
I think I must have bought a tshit because I woke up in it this morning, quite a nice one, bit big but nice and cosey.
Eventually Sadie came to pick us up after I thought I had lost my shoes but turned out I had them in my bag all along!
I don't remember what we all rambled on about in the car, I left Sadie's petrol money on the back seat even though she said we didn't have to, but I wanted to anyway!

I 'slept' on the sofa last night, don't think I slept very well as I felt so bloody sick haha!
Robert came down around 6ish, he must have thought I was asleep (really I just felt too ill to move or talk) because I heard him whisper 'aww', obviously thinks I look cute passed out drunk?
I went upstairs and laid down next to Eppy, but she woke and gave me a big kiss and a cuddle, obviously missed me last night! Edward woke very quickly so I ended up coming downstairs without any extra sleep.

I managed to catch an hour on the sofa this morning whilst the kids watched cartoons.
My head still hurts and it is now midday and I'm still in my pjs.

Overall it was a good night, was weird going out, there were lots of really good looking guys out there but all I wanted to do was go home and make out with Robert (which didn't get to happen, probably wise, might have thrown up in his mouth.)

Here are the photos from last night, enjoy the horror!