No Faith In Wrapping Paper

Today I've kinda wanted to just be on my own, I get like this sometimes, I just wanted some quiet time, I felt like I was in a bad mood, but I didn't have any real reason to be in a bad mood.
The children and I didn't really do much today, I cleaned and hoovered the bedrooms, I read quite a lot and I let the kids loose with felt tip pens;

As you can see Eppy got it everywhere.
Sky ate a paintbrush...(don't ask)
Edward didn't have a nap today, just screamed for a whole hour (I was in and out of his bedroom every two seconds -_-')
Eppy had a nap though, first time I'd ever put her down for a 'proper' nap, she fell asleep almost instantly.
I treated myself to a bacon sandwich for lunch.
Our new living room rug arrived today, it's lovely, it's brown and orange =D
Robert came home, I sent him out again to the shop, he really didn't want to buy me any wrapping paper for Eppy's birthday presents because he was afraid he'd get it wrong, I said you can't get it wrong, just make sure it's not pink and princessesy.
He came home with three decent nice lots of wrapping paper,  he did a good job.
But he forgot my coffee, so he failed there.
I listened to Ed Sheerans new album today, well, half of it, the half I did listen to was really good!
I signed up to Instagram, I don't think it counts as a social media site, I can't talk to anyone on there.
I'm now currently in bed waiting for Robert to cook me pizza and bring me food in bed, although a news documentary is currently on about super rats, I feel a bit ill, I hate rodents.
I've decided that I'm going to turn one the massive cardboard boxes we have in the garage is going to be turned into a giant bus, I'm going to get Edward to help me paint it etc, will have to wait till next week though as I've left the paints at mine -_-'