Midweek Catch Up

It's only Wednesday but *wipes snot and dribble off knee* I feel the need to blog!
Monday, what happened Monday? Err Edward started preschool properly, I think he enjoyed it, although he has a horrible cold, he always catches other peoples colds really quickly, I'm not sure on the best way to prevent it happening all the time really, I can't imagine it's very fun for him, we don't even have any tissues in the house so he's been using a tea towel.
Not a lot really happened Monday, Tuesday was fairly busy.

Tuesday Edward was still ill but still went into preschool, he wanted to and didn't want to take the day off, the preschool said most of the kids there had colds anyway so it wasn't like he was going to infect anyone anymore than they already were/are.
When he came home I phoned mum to double check she was coming over as we usually go to gymnastics on a Tuesday afternoon, but she had a tummyache and said no. But she still picked us up and took us to ASDA as I needed some fruit and veg for the kids and Robert to take to work, I wanted to get a new bra but they didn't have any in my size (42F if you really need to know!) so I got some Moomin pj leggins instead, I love that ASDA are currently selling Moomin clothing, I love the Moomins so it's like heaven for me!

Mum has had a bit of a problem with a company that sells Raspberry Ketones at the moment, she ordered some online as they said they will only charge postage and packaging, and yet they kept charging her £89 plus a pop every couple of days, she's managed to get a refund from the bank and I think they have cancelled the money going out again, so hopefully that company does one now.

After ASDA we popped to Tesco as I wanted to try and find some little soft shoes for Eppy to keep her feet a bit warmer in her sling but they didn't really have anything, so I just bought some pork and stirfry stuff for dinner.

I managed to get a lot of mine and Robert's laundry washed and dried yesterday, the sun was on my side! AND AND AND I managed to get Robert to take the laundry upstairs when he got home from work! 2 Weeks of nagging and he finally does it! And he helped (sort of) put it away! Pretty chuffed!

I got annoyed with him a bit though last night because Eppy was soundo and he didn't take advantage of her sleeping, we rarely ever get to have a 'cuddle' now a days because Eppy does not like sleep much, so the one time she actually falls asleep he'd rather scoff his doughnut -_-', I asked him to put it down but he pulled a grumpy face and continued to eat it, is it so much to ask for a bit of romance? 'excuse me while I sling my doughnut across the room and ravish you', is that so much to ask for?
We ended up watching Game of Thrones and I stayed in a mood with him over night, am I still in a mood? A little.

Today I kept Edward off preschool and Eppy now has the dreaded cold, she was boiling this morning! So both children are on the Calpol and having a 'quiet' day. Eppy is also teething so she's currently chewing and biting everything she's not really supposed to hence my knee being soggy.

I went to see my health trainer today, Edward jumped on the scales first as he was curious, he weighs 2.2 stones now!
I was a bit sad when I got weighed, I have only lost 2.2 pounds, to me, that's not a lot! So I've decided that for this next week I'm going to just have 3 protein shakes a day and use my exercise bike every evening for half an hour, try and lose another 5 pounds this week to make it a stone in 3 weeks. I have a night out planned for next Wednesday so depending on how much I lose between now and then (I get weighed that morning) will depend on how much I decide to drink that night.

Robert and I had a little bit of good news though this morning, we're being refunded almost £300 from my old house (used to be on housing benefit), so that will help out financial situation, along with the child tax credits we get this week that's £600 in a week, it's a really big help so we're really happy!  We still have to be careful with money though, but then who doesn't now a days?

Here's a few pictures from this week so far;

Oh! I also need to mention a really lovely lady!
A week or so ago I posted on the sling community board that I was struggling to find my daughter a hat that did up around the chin, well I spoke to one lady who said she would make one for Eppy =]
It arrived yesterday and we couldn't be happier, it is beautiful! The lady had also put two chocolates in the parcel which Edward scoffed almost instantly! I would like to recommend her Facebook page so other people can buy one, her page is Exquisiknits, so please do check her out! She's fab!