Magic Bus

So last weekend was fairly good, Saturday we went to Aldi to do our weekly shop, I got a sewing machine!
It's actually a lot smaller than I expected it to be, I mean, I expected it to be small for £13.99 but not as small as it is.
Our shop came to £60 something, but would have obviously been £50 something without the sewing machine, so I think that was a good shop, got pretty much all we needed so I was happy and I think Robert was happy with the price too.

My mother came over Saturday afternoon to sort Edward's hair out, Edward was fine on Saturday (I still felt like shit), I sort of just attempted to make amends by giving him chocolate for breakfast and oodles and oddles of cuddles, he seemed happy enough, though I now have this constant reminder whenever I look at him now that I need to learn to calm down a lot more and have a time out myself a lot more.
Mum fixed his hair, his hair still doesn't look that amazing and it doesn't suit him at all but it will grow back fairly quickly, he sat really well for mum to cut it.

In the evening before dinner Edward and I made some Halloween salt dough cut outs, he was really good at using the rolling pin, just needs to stretch out his fingers a bit more.
I learnt that you can dry salt dough a lot quicker in the microwave! Needs about 2 minuets though, most online sites said 30 seconds, but our microwave is old and needed 2 minuets.

Sunday we went to Robert's parents for lunch, Sadie was cooking as an extra celebration to her birthday that was on Thursday.
Dinner was nice but I left the squash and apple as I really don't like cooked apple or squash, the pork, parsnips and carrots and potato were lovely though!
Sadie then opened her birthday presents, she loved the hamper we had done for her, darling had bought her some nice bubble bath and she had gotten my mum to make Sadie a squirrel which Sadie enjoyed =]

Saturday mum said she would buy Eppy a Madame Goo Goo carrier for Christmas, I'm super excited by this! I think most people in the babywearing community knows who and what a MGG is! I've wanted one for ages but they're quite pricey and with the money situation here it's not great so not been able to afford one. But now we can have one! We have chosen this one;

Obviously not a doll one, it's going to be reversible too so if I get bored I can just switch around the designs!
Hoping for a large pixie hood too!

When we were at the inlaws on Saturday the children had a wonderful surprise.
Grandad brought into the kitchen something (I wasn't sure what at the time as I was in the living room), I just heard Edward say 'bus!' so I went and had a look and there was a big shiney red bus! Grandad had made it for the children! It's simply amazing! Both children climbed inside and rode up and down the kitchen in it! I almost cried when I saw it, just because I know how excited and happy Edward was and after such a crappy evening Friday I knew this would cheer him up completely!

Yesterday both children were sat it in before 8:30 in the morning, I have a feeling it's going to be very loved!

Aunty Flow is currently visiting now, I feel awful and bloated. We were hoping to see Skydi and her boys today but the weather is going to be shit. Hopefully will see them soon though as Edward spent yesterday painting his salt dough creations and wants to give Rowan the hat!

Here are some photos from the past couple of days, much love.