Josie Cunningham - Worlds Biggest Idiot

This vile human being, if you can honestly call her that has sparked complete outrage today via twitter by saying this;

Now. I have nothing against formula feeding, although I do think every new mother should *try* breast feeding if they have nothing medically wrong with them, but I have nothing against those who don't but have not succeeded in their journey like I did, you can view my blog on my breast feeding journey here.
But what I do have a problem with is people spewing vile crap opinions on the world, especially from the likes of Josie Cunningham.

This is the woman who was going to abort her child to go on Big Brother.
This is the woman who was selling tickets to her birth of her daughter.
This is the woman who bragged about using peoples tax money to use taxi's (but that ended swiftly).
This is the woman who got a boob job on NHS because she wanted to be a model.
This woman doesn't even know who the father of her baby is.

Josie quite obviously knows completely nothing about breast feeding, otherwise she wouldn't have made those comments.

Last time I checked breast feeding mothers don't walk around naked.
They don't get turned on by breast feeding.
And I know they don't find it vile.

Breast feeding is one of the most natural things in the world, it is fully supported by most of the worlds population (apart from a few narrow minded idiots), it can feed your child for the first year of their life without the introduction of solids (although admittedly I don't know many mums who don't introduce food before one, but there are plenty who don't!), it has been a life skill all mothers before 'powder milk' used (apart from the ones that couldn't unfortunately so a wet nurse was used), it really is just one of the most beautiful things you can do as a mother.

For this 'human being' to sit there and spew such rubbish about it being borderline incest is just a joke, I mean, she has to be joking right? I feel sick to my stomach someone could actually say that.

I honestly feel so sorry for her children, they are going to grow up with a mother more hated than Katie Hopkins and I didn't think that was possible. I really wish social services would get involved and just save them from this woman, or for Josie to get some mental health help, because nobody is that stupid, are they?