International Babywearing Week


Happy international babywearing week!
I don't know where to start really! I started mid 2012 with Edward, one of my closest friends Skydi introduced me to it, I wasn't so sure at first but I really liked the buckle carrier she was selling at the time because it was too big for Rowan, it was a hungry caterpillar one, it was beautiful (we no longer have it as I sold it on), I found carrying Edward on my back a little painful to start with, I wasn't used to the weight of it all, but eventually after a few days I got used to it and ended up falling in love with it.
Robert and I have carried Eppy from birth, she's only been in a pram once, hated it, we sold it and that was the end of her pram days (day), we started with a Victoria Sling Lady stretchy and then we moved onto our faithful Rose & Rebellion buckle, I think she was in stretchy for about 4 months, till we felt comfortable putting her in a buckle, we waited till she had full head control first.
I don't know as much about slings as I do about cloth nappies, but I love babywearing because it's such a magical way of transporting your children, the extra bonding time you get that you just don't get in a pram, I think if I was a baby laying in a pram facing my mother I'd be wondering why she wasn't holding me!
Babywearing helps when Eppy needs a cuddle but I need to do the house chores, it helps when I need to get the bus so I don't have to fold up a buggy to get on, it helps out in town so I can get in and out of shops easily, not get in anyone's way on the path, it helped with my milk supply when I was breast feeding and it helps to get Eppy off to sleep when she's upset because she can't.

I still love wearing Edward in his carrier because he just instantly wraps his arms around my neck and he loves it! I don't get to wear him very often, he loves to walk and he is over two stones now, so he's quite heavy for me to do it for a long period of time, so I treasure any moment I get to do it.

I admire my friend Skydi when she babywears as she does it tandem style with her beautiful boys, I owe Skydi a lot for introducing the babywearing world to me (as well as cloth come to think about it!) you can see a photo of her tandem wearing at the end of this post =]

I highly recommend finding your closest sling library and try babywearing, you will seriously wonder why on earth you have ever used a buggy, you can find a list of sling libraries here.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from babywearing =]