Happy Fathers Day

(Bare with me, I know it's not fathers day! I'm just copying and pasting this from my old blog as obviously I'm moving stuff over =]

Happy fathers day to all the daddies out there or the mums who have taken on the role of being mummy and daddy over the years.

Today was Robert’s first fathers day, it was alright I think, probably not the best or the most relaxing really, but he got a beer with his dinner so that was probably a win.
Today was also my mothers 63rd birthday, so we went to visit her and drop round her presents, I think she liked all of her presents, I bought her CD’s, lots of buttons and a pattern cutting board.

We also went to B&M and bought Eppy a couple more of the blankets she really likes because they are super soft and help her sleep! We looked around for a toy bus for Edward as he’s quite obsessed with buses at the moment but we couldn’t find any! We also bought some storage boxes for the kids toys because we’re a bit tired of tripping over everything.
We then did a shop in Tesco and got some food and lunch, nothing really exciting there apart from I won £2 off Tesco Direct in a scratch card type thing you get free with your purchases.
We then drove to Robert’s parents and had Hunters Chicken for dinner, I love Hunters Chicken!!! MMMMM!!!

Kids played around for a bit etc.
Came home and got both kids showered and now Robert’s downstairs trying to get Eppy to sleep, Edward’s already in bed soundo.
I’m hoping sometime this week Robert will put my desk together, driving me nuts with it just sitting in it’s box!