Gymnastics and Bubbles

So yesterday I went to Lowestoft with mum and we took the kids to gymnastics, we met up with our lovely friend Skydi and her two beautiful children Rowan & Reid, Edward adores Rowan, pretty sure Rowan is his best friend! He usually always wakes up and asks if he's going to see Skydi and Rowan today, I usually have to say no but yesterday I got to say yes.
I love the gymnastics place, it's a good size and not that many children go, it's never very crowded either, it's about £4 a session (an hour), I currently don't have to pay for Eppy, but I will have to when she walks, £8 is a bit steep but the kids enjoy it so I wouldn't stop them going.

At the end of the session they got out the big rainbow blanket and we swirled the children around on it and then the bubble machine came out and the kids went mental.

After gymnastics we went to ASDA and I bought some cooking apples as today I plan on baking an apple pie! Hopefully Edward will help.
Mum bought Edward two new onesies, one has bats on it with bat wings on the sleeves and the other one was a glow in the dark skeleton one! It's super awesome! She also bought Edward and Eppy two In The Night Garden cuddly toys, but I now apparently have to get Edward Macca Pakka to complete the set haha.

I sent a message this morning to Edward's preschool on their facebook, I told them how I wasn't going to be sending Edward there again, after the snack incident and them just not understanding that cake is not a healthy snack and that Edward picked up the word 'bitch' from there it's not a place I am happy for my child to go to. I've just noticed they have deleted my message on their page, doesn't surprise me. The parents that dropped their children there really didn't give off good impressions, they always talked about how drunk they got some nights and stuff, about how much they smoke, they were not the type of people I was comfortable around. We will begin home educating soon again. If you click here you can view the preschool on netmums so if you're local you know not to send your children there.

I plan on finishing the Game of Thrones book 3 part two today, I haven't got many pages left.

Here are some photos from gymnastics, I suggest if you have a gymnastics class near you to check it out, if you are in Suffolk you can check out the Lowestoft one here.