Fairyland Trust Halloween

Been a bit busy past few days, Saturday I spent most of the morning in a grump with Robert, I can't really remember why, but we made up quickly and moved on.
We did our weekly shop (will post a blog with our meal plan for this week in a bit in another blog), dropped a couple of things round to Skydi as her boys were ill and she had broken her debit card (don't ask) and I picked up my dress my mother bought me from mums!

Sunday we went to Holt to the Fairyland Trust Halloween event, it was great, Edward took part in some wizard training (pretty sure the wizards were rat arsed on the mulled cider), met up with a couple of friends Hollie and Toni with their children, saw Addisons Uncle live again in one of the tents, bought Edward a cool wooden sword, saw a raven and an owl, ate cake, had a picnic in the back of the car, played in some trees and I got violated by trolls!
Overall it was great and can't wait to go back again next year! It was pretty cold, ended up wearing one of Robert's old coats I found in the boot as I forgot mine, the weather was on our side this year at least!

Yesterday we didn't do too much, I spent pretty much all day cleaning and doing the laundry, even folded and put away all of it! Get me! Robert enjoyed his first day of his two week holiday by finishing the last 50 Shades of Grey book and doing two lots of washing up.
I went to down late afternoon as I wanted to check out the new craft shop just down our road, it is called Moth Crafts (can view them on Facebook here) and it's great! It's got a lot of stuff in there made by a maker I like called Mummy & Millies Boutique, you can find them on Facebook here.
I bought a cute little doll rattle that matches one of our R&R's and a cute fox bib which was made by Millie Mog who you can also find on Facebook here.
It's a really lovely shop and it was nice chatting to the lady who runs it, she also went to Holt on Sunday! She's hoping to open up some children workshops out the back of the shop for crafts and stuff as there isn't much going on in Bungay for Children, so I'm hoping I can help somehow!
Most of the stuff in Moth is home made and made by local people which I like, there's a lot of stuff in there I would buy, the rattle I bought was made by someone who has made dresses and nappies in the past for Eppy, there were some pretty dresses in there too but a little out of my price range.

Today Robert, the children and I are going to gymnastics, Robert hasn't been to gymnastics with the kids before so it will be nice for him to see it and get involved with them.
I've been up since 5am, done some laundry and one lot of washing up and cleaned the living room.
I may have to nap later, I'm shattered.

Here are some photos from the past couple of days =]