End of International Babywearing Week!

Well it's a big goodbye to international babywearing week this year!
Today we celebrated it by going to the Bungay food festival and then to Yarmouth for a walk along the pier!
Was a little disappointed with the food festival just because there wasn't a hog roast, but we did have a nice freshly made stone baked pizza! There was a very good band playing but I am clueless as to their name, any chance anyone knows can you let me know?
Yarmouth was alright, weather was nice (surprisingly!) we walked along the pier and then sat down and had chips and doughnuts..
JUST SO YOU KNOW! Robert just found out the name of that band, they are called Addison's Uncle, check them out here! The lead singer is pretty cute =P

So to tie up this weekend here are the photos from today =] Hope you have all had a lovely babywearing weekend!