Blisters On My Blisters.

Been fairly busy the past couple of days.

Saw my mother the other day, we popped to Lowestoft as I needed to go to ASDA, she ended up buying me a new jumper and Eppy some black skinny jeans and a lovely tartan skirt.
When she came over she had also brought round the children's costumes for our Halloween trip on Sunday, she's done really well on them and I'm excited to put the Children in them! Pictures will be up probably Monday sometime!
She also brought the children a Macca Pakka toy (In the Night Garden), so now they have a set of three of the charaters which made both Eppy and Edward very happy.
For lunch we all went to Tobies for a carvary, I thought I did quite well, I didn't have much food and I didn't have dessert, so I hope my diet wasn't effected by it much! Mum and Edward shared a dessert and since Eppy spent most of her time literally trying to climb up the wall she didn't really eat much either and certainly didn't get a dessert.
We then went to Aldi where I got a recipe card box for the kitchen! And mum bought Robert something for Christmas (I can't put what incase he reads this blog!)

Wednesday the new TotsBots V4's came out so obviously I had to buy them, Skydi has offered to pay for one for Eppy as a late birthday present, I said she can just send the money when she can afford it, not like we could really afford both nappies but I had to have them, glad I ordered when I did too as they sold out everywhere pretty fast! They won't be on the Frugi website till the 10th of November either!

I also put away loads of laundry (I know I know), but I hate putting it away, I hate it when the kids jump in the clean laundry, in general I hate laundry.

Today I was supposed to see Toni with her daughter but they had colds so have rearranged for next week, but seeing her Sunday anyway at the Halloween event.
So instead after doing the mass cleaning (oh come on, everyone mass cleans before guests come over, it's like the quickest cleaning you ever do in your life!) Edward and I got our walking boots on went out for a walk.
Our walk was a bit of a disaster.
I thought it would be a good idea to take this 5 mile walk around Bungay. Instead we ended up in Earsham completely lost.
We had fun though and Edward enjoyed cow spotting. Though the walk home wasn't overly fun because Edward was tired, both our feet hurt and yeah, we just wanted to get home ASAP.

Robert and I were talking about our future over dinner this evening, if things go to plan we should have a really good one, I'm looking forward to it, I can't really go into too much but things are looking up.

I don't know what we're going to do tomorrow, maybe more arts and crafts as this morning Edward enjoyed making a hedgehog out of leafs from the garden =].