(I'm just moving this blog from my old one here, it's not my birthday today ;))

I hate name days. Well, that's wrong actually, I hate my birthday, maybe it's because I'm twenty three and feel like I'm almost fifty, I don't like surprises, I never know what I want for presents and I don't like the faff and hassle I have to go through to organise anything.
My birthday was this month, on the 17th, I had asked for nobody to celebrate it or really mention it, I didn't want a huge fuss. Did anyone really listen? No. Of course not.
I woke up in the morning to find Robert still asleep with Eppy in his arms, I told him he was going to be late for work, he then told me he'd booked the day off work ages ago, I had asked him not to as I didn't want to do anything, so that was the first thing to make me go 'eugh' that day.
We then got up and he gave me my presents from himself and the kids after breakfast, I didn't get much but I was happy with what I did end up getting, I got series three of Game of Thrones, a raven bracelet & a coffee pod holder. I got three of the things I actually wanted off the rushed list Robert had me make a week or so before hand.

I eventually got dressed and we had a quick clean up and then my mother and one of my best friends arrived around 11:30, this was the first time my friend Skydi had visited Robert's, so Sky had to be calmed down a bit, we also had to get Rowan used to her as Sky can be very overly friendly when she meets new people.
Skydi said she hadn't made my present yet, which made me smile because if she had made it on time I'd think she would have been up to something. I know what she was going to make me, it was a CSP (cloth sanitary pad), yes, I have pretty special amazing friends ;)
Mother had brought me presents, although looking back I think the children had more presents than I did.
I got a brand new steam mop! (I didn't cry this time, for my last birthday she bought me one, I burst into tears because I was so happy! Then I broke it it a few months ago..) I also got some baking equipment, then I also got £300, though I gave her back £100 because I'd already used her card to buy myself some new clothes for my birthday.

We then all had some hot crossed buns and fruit. Robert's grandma then came over and brought me another present, it was a book I wanted on make up tutorials, I was very grateful, she then sat down and Skydi, Robert, mother & the kids and I went out to lunch, we needed grandma to stay in the house as I had several parcels due to arrive but we didn't want to skip lunch waiting for them.

For lunch we went to the cafe that had opened at the end of Robert's road, it's a kitch little place, very sweet, we all had very yummy sandwiches, we skipped the cake because mother had bought me a massive birthday cake. Eppy fell asleep on the sofa in the cafe which didn't surprise me.
After lunch we went across the road to a fabric shop, it's a pretty amazing shop and if you're into that thing like my mother and Skydi then you could basically just live there all day, my mother almost spent £100 in there that afternoon. I think she'll be going in there every time she comes to visit me in Bungay now, she may have to remortgage the house to keep spending in there though if she's not careful.
Robert and I then said goodbye to my mother and Skydi plus her children and walked back home.

One of my parcels had arrived, some pretty new sandal wedges to go with some of my new maxi dresses, grandma then took Sky for a walk and I did some tidying up, yes, tidying up on my birthday, how much unbirthday can you get?
We then gave Edward and Eppy dinner and put Edward to bed, I think I also had a nap that afternoon, but Robert woke up me by throwing my Avon delivery at me >_>

When Edward was sound asleep I ordered pizza from our favourite place, I wasn't going to have take out for my birthday, I was quite happy not to the day before, but I figured seen as though everyone else had ignore my pleas to ignore my birthday I may as well milk it.
I ordered one 15" spinaci (my favouriteeee!!!) and one 15" meat thing and some mozzarella sticks.
We definitely had too much pizza, at least we had plenty for breakfast and dinner the next morning.
Whilst eating pizza we watched Game of Thrones, afterwards we fell asleep.
So my birthday wasn't too bad, I was grateful for all that went on and my presents, grateful Robert had taken the day off work, but I still wished it didn't happen and it was just another day, me getting older isn't really something I want to celebrate.
I'd much rather celebrate my childrens, family and friends birthdays, Robert's birthday is next month, he doesn't know what he wants to do yet, at least he's not working because it's on a weekend, the only thing I've got organised for his birthday so far is his cake, I can't talk about what it is as he'll probably read this, but it's pretty epic!

I've decided Eppy is going to have a zombie themed birthday, my friend Chezz is making the cake in the shape of brains! I've also organised a birthday photoshoot for her as I won two photoshoots with two different companies ehe.

There's lots of birthdays left to celebrate this year with the extended family, basically a birthday cake every month really. I still have a massive bit of Edward's birthday cake in Robert's mothers freezer! There will never be a shortage of cake here!