So my hangover from pirate night lasted a whole day plus a morning! That phrase 'never drinking again' springs to mind!

Yesterday went alright till the afternoon, Robert and I had booked tickets to see the horror film Annabelle (you know, the one about the doll, check out the trailer here), we ended up having a bit of a row because we got arguing about money again as I wanted us to go out for a meal at Bella Italia, I had some clubcard boosters that would have paid for the meal, he then started ranting about how he doesn't think how I realise how money is so tight at the moment etc, but I do! I just don't let it worry me as much as he worries about it, what's the point in worrying about something you don't have much control over? He was the one who told me that a long time ago!
Then he started going on about how he's a rubbish dad, which he is far from it, so I decided to teach him a lesson which I think he needed to learn, I put Eppy in her room and she was crying, it broke my heart to do it but to teach Robert that he's not a crappy dad he needed to learn, he then said 'I'll go get her down' and I said 'no' after toing and froing he went and got her.
He learnt that he is a good dad and learnt to follow his instincts rather than always listen to me, in that situation I was completely wrong to leave her crying, he knew that he needed to ignore me and go get her.
Eppy has never been left to cry before, it is something we do not believe in at all, I felt god awful for doing it but I had to show Robert he knows he's a good father.
He also learnt to pay more attention to me, I kept teasing him saying we weren't going to the cinema, he kept asking if we were and eventually I said 'if you had noticed I got changed over an hour ago, I wouldn't gave gotten changed if we weren't going' he felt like a bit of a prat I think and said that I had taught him a lot and he's thankful for it.

We did go to the cinema in the end though I barely made it through the trailers, the trailers were really scary, especially this one here it's called the Babadook! Throughout Annabelle I think my eyes were only open about 10 minuets, we got half way through it and I just had to leave, I had pulled my stomach from jumping and I just couldn't bring myself to watch the rest, although I do need to know the ending at some point so I know it hopefully has a happy ending!
When we got out of the cinema we decided to get some food so we drove to KFC and tried the new pulled chicken burger, I really enjoyed it! Was a bit worried incase it made me gain a pound or so but according to the scales this morning I have lost two pounds, but we'll see Wednesday.

We did our Aldi shop yesterday too, came to £60 something but we compared it to Tesco and from Tesco it would have been almost £100 so we managed to save a fair bit!

Today the food festival is on in town so we're going to go down and let Robert and the kids have a hog roast, I won't be having any as I had KFC yesterday, we've got gammon for tea anyway =]
I have a lot of house work to do today too.

Here are some photos from the past couple of days =]