And Breatheee!

Firstly, please note most of the blogs on here for this month are from a few months back! I have moved them from my old blog to here so I don't loose them =] but do still feel free to read!


List of things that has happened;

1: Went to A&E last night with Eppy
2: I am now a weekly volunteer  at Edward's preschool
3: Lousy doctors
4: Spoke to someone with a pet raccoon

Let's start with numbers 1&3 seen as though I don't really like to do things in order *snorts*

So yesterday Eppy really wasn't well, actually she's not been feeling too great the past couple of days honestly, she's had quite a high temperature, felt like she was on fire several times, she's got a slight cold and she's been teething (though when isn't she?), anyway, she started getting some red spots on the back of her neck, so I spoke to Robert and we agreed she should go to the doctors.
I had a quick look online to see why this could be happening and it could be down to her injections last week, the nurse at the time when she had them said it could be up to a week later if she falls a bit ill, so it fitted, but to me a reaction with the spots didn't seem like a normal reaction, I'm still not overly sure it is to be completely honest here.

I went to town before our appointment because we had some time to spare and I needed to pick up a parcel from the post office (was our necklaces that we won and Eppy's new swimming costume), I also needed a thermometer and more calpol, whilst I was in Boots I had a phone call from the surgery and they asked me if I could get there for 11:15am instead of 11:40am so that Eppy could see the students first (I guess they wanted practice?) and then the doctor, I agreed.
Once we had finished in town we walked to the doctors and we went upstairs after signing in and waited, then all hell broke loose.
Eppy wanted to get out of the sling so I took her out, then she must have gotten a lot of pain as she started screaming none stop for the entire wait. By entire wait I mean, someone had to come upstairs after 45 minuets and ask us to come downstairs to see a nurse instead because the doctor and students we were meant to see were held up.
Christ I was fuming.
Edward wasn't overly helpful either during the wait because he was bored so obviously chucking magazines on the floor and jumping on and off the chairs was his idea of fun. I wish they would have toys in the waiting rooms, they have them in a hospital which has far more bugs floating around so why not at the doctors?

We eventually saw a nurse who looked Eppy over, looked in her ears which made Eppy scream even louder, I almost cried from stress and watching her in that state.
The nurse said it was normal and that all this should pass in a few weeks.
A few weeks?
Fuck that shit.
She said to keep giving her calpol and that was it.

We went home in the end and just spent the rest of the day curled up on the sofa having cuddles, she got really sweaty at one point and it was quite funny when she woke up as her hair was everywhere.

When Robert got home him and the kids had dinner, then I watched my soaps whilst Eppy slept, when she woke though she had another screaming fit, arching her back a lot and was in complete bits, she had more spots come up on her face too, so I said to Robert we're going to A&E, this is not normal! I phoned Robert's mother and she came over with dad and they looked after Edward (who was asleep in bed anyway by this point) for us and we drove off.

I was sat in the back of the car because I couldn't leave Eppy in bits like that, I wish I could have held her all the way to the hospital but obviously she had to go in her seat. I managed to soothe her by rubbing her blanket on her face (she likes that), when we got to the hospital we waited in the children's waiting room, luckily it wasn't a long wait (there were a lot of people waiting to be seen but not many children!) We had a nice lady come and check Eppy's ob's, Eppy screamed again after being poked and having her ears checked, her body was checked over too, the lady said the doctor would be round soon.
When the doctor arrived (he had a lovely voice, sounded very posh!) he checked Eppy over again, I was going to ask why he was doing everything the lady had just done but I just thought I'd hear a silly answer so didn't bother, he said he thinks the spots could be a virus and that he would check with someone else to make sure.
We must have been waiting an hour, overall we were in A&E for three hours I think as we didn't leave till gone 11pm. Eventually the doctor came back and said to just keep an eye on Eppy and come back if she gets worse (obviously), and to continue to give calpol.
I don't think the trip to A&E was great, they didn't really seem to care that she was in pain or anything.
Robert then bought a coffee and drove us home.

Luckily Eppy is feeling a bit better today, she still has a few spots but quite a few have faded and she seems happier in herself, back to being a little terror.
I still think this is linked to her jabs so if anyone else has experienced similar please do get in touch, I would love to hear about your story.

Number 2!
I went to pick Edward up from preschool today and got told his key worker wanted a little chat with me, my first reaction was 'oh god, what's he done?' but as I went in she mentioned how Edward had asked for milk when everyone else was having it, she knows I don't let Edward drink milk much because it upsets his tummy too much, so she said she explained that and he understood well and then had some water. Sounds like she dealt with the situation very well, she then went on to talk about how she likes how as a family we do attachment parenting, she said when she went to uni she did a lot of research into it and she prefers that way of parenting and she is quite interested to know more, so we had a chat about it and our family and she was really interested in it, she praised us a lot =] I obviously said that just because we do it, doesn't mean that I think it's the perfect way to parent, but it works for us as a family so it's what we do!
She handed me Edward's home journal which is just a notepad which she writes down each week what Edward has been up to, I've decided that I'm going to do it up and make it look a bit nicer as it just looks a bit boring.
I mentioned to his key worker how I saw a notice on the notice board about them liking parents to stay and volunteer, I said it was something I'd like to do each week to help out, so we've agreed on Thursday next week I shall go in, I think I might make it a weekly thing, she said nobody else volunteers, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest judging by how the parents are and speak when I wait to drop Edward and pick him up, two of them spend a lot of time at the gym and the others just seem quite distant from their children, it's just how they come across.
I want to be involved with Edward as much as possible and I love watching him in social situations so I'm happy to help out as much as I can.
His key worker mentioned how polite Edward is and how he's very smart, today apparently he was obsessing over lots of bags, I said this was usual as he loves all my bags!

Number 4!
On the slings board today there was a post all about weird injuries we've had in the past, I said ' I broke my thumb jumping into the soft pit at my son's gymnastics class.
Middle school my P.E teacher broke my little finger by throwing the volleyball on it (it bounced off my finger, went through the basketball net and landed on the floor and scored us a point ;))'
Then someone commented about all the animals that have caused them injuries in the past, I had a look at her profile and noticed she had a pet raccoon! How awesome is that?! I always wanted a pet badger (and still do..) but a raccoon is super awesome! The raccoon even has a facebook page, check it out here!

So yeah, that's about it today, I'm a bit over excited about going to Aldi tomorrow, that reminds me, I need to find the post on the sling board about all the best things to buy from there! Don't judge me ;P

Here are some photos from the past couple of days =]