So I'm now back on Facebook, I'm unsure about Twitter at the moment, I think if I do go back on Twitter I'd make my profile private.
Everything on my Facebook now is pure private though, only viewable by friends, although you can view my Hugh Laurie cover photo.
Why am I back on Facebook? Because I like procrastinating, I miss viewing nappies and I also have a ton of shit to sell on some of the carboot pages, I also miss the casual banter with people that I've not seen in ages.

I won't be getting Tumblr again, that site annoys me, the 'mumblrs' on there (mum blogs) are mostly 16 year old Americans, and some of the stuff they come out with is beyond shocking, I also don't like how people can send 'anonymous' questions (although I know you can turn it off), I only got asked one anonymous question and it firstly asked if I was ashamed to have two children by different fathers and then the second question delved into something quite private.
I deleted my account before I got a chance to reply, but I've thought about my response now and here is how I would have answered;
'No. I do not feel 'ashamed', Edward's biological father abandoned me whilst I was pregnant, I did all I could to get him involved but he kept saying he wasn't ready to be a father, it wasn't until Edward was six months when I finally convinced him to meet Edward, he got involved for a little while, we made the mistake of getting back together, barely lasted three weeks and things got messy, he got lazy, I had friends get involved in stuff which they shouldn't have (who have now said sorry), and he constantly let Edward down, so he never contacted us again and abandoned Edward just before his first birthday.
Should I feel ashamed I found and fell in actual love with someone else? Should I feel ashamed that we created a baby together and put our whole family together as one? Why would anyone feel ashamed about that? I'm not the only person in the world to start a new and move on with my life and I won't be the last. We are happy together, we love one another, he is a proper father to the children, he tucks Edward in at night, he is there throughout everything, he may not be related to him by blood but it really doesn't matter. It takes a lot more than sperm to make you a father, you have to step up to the mark and prove you're one, you need to be there through the hard times as well as the bad.
As for the second part of the question, some people really need to learn their facts before spinning off on lines when they have no real idea, just because I don't put my whole private life on Facebook doesn't mean you can stick your nose in, I get I did something pretty awful, but it was almost two years ago, unlike some people we actually move on from these things, in some ways they make you a better person, you learn from things, I learnt a heck of a lot, but apologies were made and things have turned out for the better.
I've changed a lot now, I'm focused completely on my family, making sure my children are constantly happy (terrible three's don't always help though), making sure Robert is happy and always fully supported, I rarely ever put myself first much anymore, barely drink, no more house parties, I don't have any drama in my life, the fire the other day does not count!
I think some people need to live their own lives and stop attempting to interfere with mine.'
I'm pretty sure that would have been my answer, I'm sorry for not going into the second part of the question or answer properly, but those who know the score will know, it's not something I feel like I need to drag up all the time just to please others, it's tiring saying 'yes I was a shit person, but I'm not the only person in the world to have done it', there really is no need, I don't need to keep justifying myself every god damn time, there is also two sides to every story, but of course nobody ever asks for the other side when they hear the first.
Now excuse, I have a baby next to me who is snoring, I'd like to go do the same =]