Our Baby Led Weaning Journey Continues

So Eppy turned one last month on the 21st, so that means she's been baby led weaning for just over six months now, she's come such a long way between when she started to where she is now, Robert and I are incredibly proud of her! She now knows what to do with a fork and spoon,although she still prefers her hands, she can also drink from a cup amazingly well! We're quite chuffed with ourselves knowing that we won't have to wean her off any type of sippy cup as she just doesn't need one.
We started off by giving her shot glasses to drink from, we figured it was less liquid to clean up and easier for her to handle as they are small and plastic.
She knows she's doing well herself too as she always gives this very satisfied smile when she's finished.
She's still a very messy eater, we're quite lucky we have a dog :p, bibs are very handy at the moment!
Eppy had her first taste of something that wasn't a natural sugar on her birthday, we gave her a cupcake for breakfast (completely bad parenting there obviously ;)), in all honesty I don't think she actually liked it, I think it was too sweet for her, she didn't really seem to like much else that was sweet over the long weekend of her birthday either, I think she was quite thankful to go back to just natural sugars in the end.
I'm sort of thankful she doesn't like sweet stuff at the moment, I don't think I could handle two Edwards.
We're more lenient now of Eppy having the odd bit of sweet stuff, but she doesn't need it, and I hope we can avoid giving it to her for even longer, though obviously if someone in the family has a birthday or something she can have a small slice of cake then, the other day she yelled at me to try some of my ice cream, I let her try a bit, not sure if she liked it or not though.
She has a pretty varied diet, we always try and have some sort of veg with each meal and throughout the day she gets to snack on fruit or something with a dip. She seems to like food with a bit of a kick behind it, the other day she was nomming on some sweet chilli houmous dip with breadsticks.
I'm enjoying our baby led weaning journey, it's been quite a ride but there's still quite a way to go yet!