Last Blog In Old House.

So this is my last blog in my old home, feels weird writing this really, I don't have a lot of memories in this house, I've thrown the odd house party, had a few odd dates, had some right random times, but it never really felt like home, which is strange to say because it's my home, but I believe a home is where your family is and without Robert here, it isn't a home, it's a place we sleep and wait for the weekend.
I will miss Lowestoft in the sense that there's so much more to do here than Bungay, but it's only two busses away, it's not the end of the world.
Leo is having to stay round my mothers for a while until we are settled, he's still not getting on with Sky, we'll try them together again when we're moved in and settled, really hope they eventually get on because I don't want to leave my Leo forever, it would break my heart, he's like a child to me, I need him with me, he's been there for a long time for me, it's weird how you trust your animals more than your friends, I think I've cried into his fur more than anyones shoulder ever.
I've almost finished packing, you honestly have no idea how much I hate packing, and you also never realise how much stuff you actually own till you have to pack it all up!
I pulled out my sofas today and was shocked with how much stuff was behind them and under them! Took me at least two hours to clean all that junk!

We'll be starting the move on Friday night, most of the big stuff I think, then Saturday we'll finish the rest.
I'm still very scared about this.
Does being scared mean something?
Should I be scared?
The last time I lived with a guy it didn't turn out that well, so I really hope this time goes swimmingly!
I do worry that we may start arguing, we don't really argue at the moment, and if we do it's never about anything serious, but what happens if we do get into a really important argument? It's not like I can just walk out, where would I go?
For me, this move is mainly for the children, they get to be around their daddy all the time and they get a stable enviroment, home schooling is easier and we'll be a proper family, something I never had growing up, I grew up without my father, I don't want the same for my beauties.
I am excited above all else, I just don't want to let my family down, I'm constantly having to try and be this perfect mother, home school teacher, cleaner, girlfriend, best friend, possible daughter in law, I think that's why I get so tired lately, everything is stressful.
But yes, I am excited, this is a new adventure, I just hope it's a really long one that doesn't end till I'm dead.