Just Doing My Part

So this morning I saw an advert for the Macmillian Cancer Support Coffee Morning, so I thought to myself 'hey I could do that!' so I quickly contacted the owner of Bungay's local community center (which is about a two second walk down the road from our house), the gentleman who answered was 94! He was so lovely and told me to come over to his and he'll chat to me, said he'd give me use of the hall rent free too!
So I took the kids to town and we had a quick look around the community hall, although it was a bit creepy because nobody was there, yet it was unlocked, pitch black >_> haha! But it looked great for the coffee morning.

We then walked to the gentlemans house (I got lost >_>) and we were met by his wife because she had to come out and find me haha, when we went into their home (I still don't know their names btw) we sat down on the sofa and the wife gave Edward some Smarties which he gobbled up, I had a lovely chat with the gentleman who is going to help me out as much as he can and will get in contact with the press to get them involved too =D

I'm super excited to get this organised and done, to do my part for charity and get this community together!
I've also set up a JustGiving page; https://www.justgiving.com/Adelaide-Goffin
So those who can't attend can still donate!
Today I also treated Edward and I to fish and chips, bought him a new toy car, did lots of cleaning and also unpacked some boxes and sorted out the bookshelf. So yeah, today was pretty busy.
Sitting here in bed makes me realise how tired I am now, this heat/weather is just too much! I look forward to the rain tomorrow we're supposed to be having!